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Sheridan Wealth Advisors  

We review old, underperforming life insurance policies, expensive long-term care policies, old, high-fee annuity contracts and replace them with new, better and guaranteed alternatives.

We shop the market nationwide among A+ carriers and deliver results that have seen us realize over $200,000,000 in additional client benefits.

A Welcome Message from Marc Sheridan, President and Founder

During these unprecedented times of social and economic disruption, adjustment and recovery, we all need to remember to focus on the fundamentals: health, family and a positive future.


Sheridan Wealth Advisors

Sheridan Wealth Advisors is the leader in the field of Forensic Reviews of Life Insurance®, Forensic Reviews of Annuities®, Forensic Reviews of Long Term Care®, Forensic Reviews of IRAs® and Forensic Reviews of Life Settlements®.

Our clients particularly like our focus on guaranteed lifetime income, guaranteed principal protection and guaranteed protection for their families.

We achieve this by providing new policies that have premiums that are 30% to 70%+ lower for the same face value or 30% to 70%+ larger death benefit for the same premium. We shop the market nationwide among A+ carriers and deliver results that have seen us add over $200,000,000 in additional benefits (See FAQ's).

Simultaneously we are adding "Living Benefits" such as fixed rate long term care and routinely identify policies that are in risk of premature, unintended lapse.

I invite you to view the information here and to see if our expertise and vigorous client advocacy can help you. Our goal is to substantially improve one or more of your financial assets and give you peace of mind, better protection and improved quality of life for you and your family.


How Sheridan Wealth Advisors can lower your premiums or increase the benefit of your Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Universal Life  or Survivorship Universal Life policy by 30% to 70%+.



Decades old annuities look like flip-phones in a SmartPhone world.

  • Guarantee against market losses.
  • Guarantee lifetime income.
  • Fees Eliminated or Lowered.


We do the heavy lifting when selling your life insurance policy to maximize market value.


Learn How to Include Fixed Rate Long Term Care Benefits in Your Portfolio.

(And get money back if you don't use it).


Learn how new strategies, new products and regulatory changes affect your IRA.

                                                   Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Saved 85%, a Godsend
"Miraculous" Put cash in her pocket. 85% overall improvement

Cut Premiums by virtually half, increased coverage $1,000,000

Cut premiums 50%
Tripled policy size, lowered premiums $500,000, added LTC
25% More Benefit, 65% Lower Premiums and LTC
Great advisors, saved me 45% on my premiums
60% More Benefit, Lower Premiums and Long Term Care

Saved 50% Premiums, they're very professional

50% more insurance and eliminated policy risk
Loan eliminated and cash back
100% Increase in Policy, Added LTC, Got cash from policy
Added Long Term Care, Right-sized Portfolio
Now she's Super-preferred
Exec sees multiple improvements
Increased Policy by 45%
From the trustee: A 100% increase

Exceeded my expectations in an unbelievable way

100% Increase in his death benefit
Now he has insurance and Long Term Care
If you can find better...
No more LTC rate increases
Premature lapse becomes 75% larger Death Benefit w/LTC
I was apprehensive
Solved a big problem and custom tailored a solution
From a long time client

Increased death benefit, streamlined the policy

You could see their character; I truly appreciated it

300% increase in my benefits

None of our clients were paid for their testimonials, and their experiences may not be representative of the experiences of other clients.

                                                                                   Forensic Reviews Of Life Insurance®


If your Whole Life (WL), Variable Universal Life (VUL), Universal Life (UL) or Survivorship Universal Life (Second-to-Die, or SUL) policy is at least 10 years old, we deliver a tailored, competitive market study that shows where you may be able to:

  • Lower your premiums by 30% to 70%+ without reducing your benefit.
  • Increase the benefit by 30% to 70%+ without changing your premiums.
  • Add living benefits, like Long Term Care with a fixed premium.
  • Put cash in your pocket or eliminate policy loans.
  • Identify policies that are in danger of premature, unexpected lapse.
  • Extend guarantees.

How that's possible: Life insurance is cheaper today because Americans are living longer

  • Life insurance is cheaper today because Americans are living longer.
  • We use an IRS-approved tax-free strategy that lets you use the cash value in your current policy to turbocharge your new policy.
  • At SWA, we advocate for our clients with carriers to get the best outcomes.
  • We’ll use our proprietary and trademarked Forensic Review of Life Insurance® to compare your current policy with what’s available today from every appropriate A+carrier in the country.

You’ll get a spreadsheet that shows the comparison. Then, when appropriate, our in-house underwriters aggressively negotiate to get multiple carriers to compete for your business.

To qualify, you should:

  • Own a WL, VUL, UL, or SUL policy with a face value of at least $500,000.
  • Have owned the policy for at least 10 years.
  • Be in relatively good health for your age.

SWA's Forensic Review of Life Insurance

It is important that you read and understand the risks and benefits associated with all insurance products recommended by Sheridan Wealth Advisors before you decide to purchase a new insurance product or replace an existing one.

We at Sheridan Wealth Advisors encourage you to do your homework and ask as many questions as you can before deciding to purchase or replace an insurance product.

                                                                           Forensic Reviews Of Annuities®


The SECURE ACT of 2019, passed by both houses of congress and signed into law by the president this past December encourages 401(k) plans to offer annuities.

That's why you need a plan.

Fixed Index Annuities are a smart retirement tool for the following reasons:

  1. They protect principle - You can never lose money.
  2. They protect gains annually - The "High Water Mark" benefit locks in gains and annually resets your baseline so last year's gain is this years new starting point.
  3. They provide guaranteed lifetime income, no matter how long you and/or your spouse may live.
  4. High payout/income rates.
  5. Tax advantaged growth.
  6. Creditor-proof.
  7. Annual fees have been reduced or eliminated.

Compare them to bonds and the advantage of annuities becomes clear.

  • There is simply no other secure, guaranteed financial instrument that can provide this kind of safety, higher payout rates and lifetime income.
  • If you have bond holdings you plan on using as an income stream in retirement, they’re probably getting 2% to 3% interest. That same money in an annuity will generate 5% to 6% or more! And there’s no point in even discussing how Annuities compare to CDs.

Forensic Reviews of Life Settlements®                

Why You Need a Forensic Review of Life Settlements® if You Want to Sell Your Policy

Why You Need a Forensic Review of Life Settlements

Some people no longer need their life insurance. Annual premiums may have increased as much as 100% to 500%, making policies unaffordable. Grown children may have done well on their own and no longer need the funds.

Selling the policy for the highest price available may not only provide significant cash which can be used for other purposes, but simultaneously eliminating expensive annual premiums.

Our Forensic Review will:

  1. Collect all relevant medical records.
  2. Obtain 2-4 estimates of Life Expectancy.
  3. Seek out multiple bidders to maximize the sales price.
  4. Assist in document review.
  5. Facilitate as smooth process resulting in the sale of your policy.

To Qualify for Your Forensic Review of Life Settlements® you must:

  • Own an Individual or Survivorship, Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable or Index Universal Life policy with a face value of at least $500,000.
  • Have a life expectancy of 10 years or less.
  • Be ready to sell the policy.

Forensic Review of Life SettlementsLife settlements are typically new for most policy owners. The learning curve is steep and the marketplace akin to the “Wild West”; not a healthy environment for people with little or no experience; stories abound of people “going it alone” and discovering later they were vastly under-compensated for their policy. SWA will guide you through the process to maximize your value in a way that includes you in the process and instills a comfort that you’ve achieved the most for your policy.

Forensic Reviews of Long Term Care®


The Long Term Care (LTC) industry has been in a crisis. LTC claims have far exceeded premiums and the care itself is expensive: $75,000- $125,000 per year, and rising.

Carriers have either dramatically raised premiums or pulled out of the market altogether. If you currently have a long term care policy, you’ve likely already received at least one premium increase - and more are on the way.

That’s why you need a Forensic Review to identify reasonable and affordable alternatives for you.

Our Forensic Review can provide alternatives that:

  • Guarantee fixed-rate pricing (no more premium increases).
  • Replaces the "use it or lose it" characteristic of stand-alone long term care policies.
  • Offer Indemnity or Reimbursement benefit plans.

To qualify for a complimentary Forensic Long Term Care Review, you need:

  • An existing LTC policy with total benefits of at least $250,000.
  • To be 75 years of age or younger.
  • To be in reasonably good health for your age.

                                                                                                                Forensic Reviews of IRAs®


There's no way to predict but it won't be good...That’s why you need a plan.

Investors know that Bear Markets are a fact of life. However, for those recently retired and those getting close to retirement, a bear market can be a disaster. For them, investment safety should be taking precedence over building wealth.

Before the Coronavirus market volatility of 2020, there have been:

  • 15 bear markets since 1945.
  • That’s basically one every five years.
  • The last prolonged bear market ended in 2009.

The 2007-2009 correction saw the market lose 57% of its value in 17 months. If that happened tomorrow, what would it mean for your retirement?




How much have you improved your clients policies?

    • We have added over $200,000,000 in saved premiums and increased death benefits, not including other benefits such as fixed-rate long term care, longer guarantees and/or the rescue of prematurely lapsing policies.

How many types of Forensic Reviews does Sheridan Wealth Advisors (SWA) conduct?

    • 7
      • Forensic Reviews of Life Insurance.
      • Forensic Reviews of Annuities.
      • Forensic Reviews of Long Term Care.
      • Forensic Reviews of IRAs.
      • Forensic Reviews of Life Settlements
      • Forensic Reviews of Roth IRAs.
      • Forensic Reviews of Life Settlements.

How long has Sheridan Wealth Advisors been in business?

    • 19 years, since 2002.

Does SWA only work with clients in Florida?

    • No, we work nationwide.

What else does SWA do besides Forensic Reviews?

    • Nothing. While Marc Sheridan has 25 years of experience in the Life Insurance arena, with expertise in Estate Planning, Charitable Giving and Family Wealth Planning. Forensic Reviews are all the company does now.

Forensic Reviews of Life Insurance

What is the typical decrease in premium rates from our Forensic Reviews?

    • 30% to 70%+.

What is the typical increase in Death Benefits from our Forensic Reviews?

    • 30% to 70%+.

Do you spreadsheet the whole industry or do you just represent one carrier?

    • We spreadsheet the entire industry! Quotes, products and underwriting guidelines all vary greatly by carrier. We do not rely on one company to provide you the best available solution because that leaves out the rest of the industry.

Do all A+ rated carriers charge the same premiums?

    • No, not even close. A+ rated carriers can charge as much as 50% more than other A+ rated carriers for the same death benefit so it's vital to spreadsheet the industry.

What is the benefit of having cash inside the policy?

    • Cash in a policy is good for 3 things while the insured is living.
      • Using it as a line of credit to borrow against, typically at expensive rates (4% - 8%).
      • Paying premiums on the policy.
      • Most productively, using it in a 1035 Tax-free exchange to either lower premiums or increase death benefits in a new policy.

Who gets the cash inside a policy at the insured's passing?

    • The carrier pays the death benefit and keeps the policy cash.

What is a 1035 Tax Free Exchange?

    • Section 1035 of the IRS Tax Code allows for cash that has built up in a permanent policy (Whole Life or Universal Life, not Term) to be transferred into a new policy, tax-free.

Does SWA only work with A+ carriers?

    • Yes.


Why are the new indexed annuities better than yesterday's older annuities?

    • Fees have been reduced and frequently eliminated, more investment options have been added and benefits like long term care are now available. Guarantees are stronger and risk has been eliminated.

Is there any medical underwriting with annuities similar to life insurance?

    • No. There is no medical underwriting with annuities, the only criteria is financial suitability.

How long will it take to place a new annuity contract if I decide I like the options SWA presents to me?

    • Typically 2 to 4 weeks.

Risks to Retirement Planning

What is "Sequence of Return Risk"?

    • In essence, stock market declines are particularly harmful and cause long tern damage to a retirement plan if they occur a few years before or after retiring.

How long are college educated people living these days?

    • There is a 25% chance one will live to at least 94 and a 25% probability that one or both of a couple will live to 98.

How do I know how much I can withdraw from my investments each year to pay for my living expenses?

    • In 2013 the Wall Street Journal wrote an article saying for the most people they should only withdraw 2% a year. Email SWA for your copy of this article.

How can I learn about the difference between "Asset Allocation" and "Income Allocation"?

    • If you are not familiar with "Income Allocation" then e.mail SWA for your copy of the best selling book for retirement planning: Income Allocation, by David Gaylor with a foreword by Marc Sheridan, President of SWA.

Long Term Care

What are the differences a "Stand Alone" Long Term Care policy and a "Hybrid" Life Insurance policy with a Long Term Care rider?

    • A Stand Alone Long Term Care policy is akin to "use it or lose it" insurance, like automobile or homeowners insurance: You pay an annual premium which can be raised at the carrier's discretion, and if you never file a claim you get nothing for having paid the premiums.
    • Separately, a Hybrid policy with a Long Term Care rider is a life insurance policy with a provision for paying Long Term Care expenses. Premiums pay for the policy and the rider and if you never need Long Term Care your family gets the full benefit of the Life Insurance policy.
    • Hybrid policies have fixed rates that are locked in for the life of the policy and can't be raised.

What is the difference between "Reimbursement" and "Indemnity" LTC policies?

    • Reimbursement: The more common type of plan; repays the LTC owner for all "Qualified" expenses, like a registered nurse or assisted living facility.
    • Indemnity: Gives the LTC owner benefits that can be used for any way the owner wants, whether that would be to pay a family member for help, pay the mortgage or fix up the house to provide accessibility and comfort.

What is the cut off age to obtain a Hybrid policy?

    • 75.

Can one get LTC coverage if they already use a wheelchair, cane or walker?

    • Generally not once mobility becomes limited.


How can one safely get more annual income out of an IRA?

    • The SECURE Act highlights the benefits of an IRA buying an annuity and turning on lifetime income.

What percentage of all annuities are purchased by IRA's and other qualified plans?

    • Almost 80%.

When did IRA owners begin investing in Fixed Indexed Annuities?

    • Mid-1990's.

Can I analyze my IRA to see if  I can increase the income I receive or protect my market gains?

    • Yes, the Forensic Review of IRAs™ is specifically designed to compare and contrast your current plan to what might be available in the marketplace that can increase your income and protect your principal.

Life Settlements

Why not sell your policy to one of the "Big Names" advertised on Radio & TV?

    • These companies want to buy policies for the lowest possible price, whereas the policy owner of course wants to maximize the policy's value.

What's different about SWA's approach to getting the highest possible sales price for policy owners?

    • SWA presents your policy to a network of qualified buyers to obtain the highest price available.

How long does it take to sell a policy?

    • Typically a policy can be sold in 90 days though circumstances can put that out for another month or two.

              About Us


Marc Sheridan

President and Founder

Marc Sheridan founded Sheridan Wealth Advisors in 2003 and in that time has created over $200,000,000 in additional wealth for his life insurance clients through increased benefits and premium savings. He pioneered the US trademarked Forensic Reviews of Life Insurance® process, an in-depth examination of existing policies which now extends to 8 related areas of insurance and annuities.

Beyond that, Marc has helped hundreds of families realize qualitative, quality-of-life-changing benefits they were previously unaware of, such as adding fixed rate long term care or preventing policies from premature lapses and soaring premiums.

He is known for his ability to explain the complicated intricacies of life insurance and annuities in straightforward, easy-to-understand language to help clients tailor which instruments and strategies are best for them based on today’s market realities.

He has been an active leader in the Bal Harbour, Florida community for 40 years. In addition to the Forensic Review series, he has authored several white papers on life insurance and annuities, copywritten strategies on charitable giving and routinely advises estate tax planners and wealth managers nationwide.

Bob Sheridan


Robert “Bob” Sheridan is a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor who has a national reputation for innovation and leadership that spans over 50 years.  Bob founded Nationwide Leasing Company, one of the original companies in equipment leasing, in 1959 and was a founding member and the first President of the National Equipment Leasing Association.

Subsequently Bob created Robert Sheridan & Partners which focused the social and economic benefits of apartment ownership. As a result, RS&P was an early sponsor of condo conversions and ultimately completed 30 projects with over 9,000 units representing between $2.5 and $3.0 billion in value, spanning numerous cities including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Atlanta as well several cities in Florida.

Together with Marc Sheridan, he established American Buying Corporation which created a master pool into which property owners could place their assets and benefit from the group’s buying power to reduce insurance premiums. By the mid-1990s American Buying had an insurance pool in excess of $2 billion.

Over the recent past Bob has been active in redeveloping existing residential properties in the Chicago area. Bob continues to reside in the Chicago area.

Ricky Turetsky

Senior Vice President

Ricky Turetsky. a University of Michigan graduate and a University of Florida law graduate practiced law for seven years and then began a 30+ year career of marketing and sales. He was active in the medical and laboratory arenas as an owner and consultant. Ricky also worked in the wealth management arena. Finally Ricky was engaged in venture capital primarily with Israeli companies.

With his expertise as an estate planning attorney and his long standing career in sales and marketing, Ricky brings an expertise and skill set to Sheridan Wealth Advisors that has has helped to create many opportunities for friends and clients to benefit dramatically from the SWA forensic reviews of older insurance, long term care policies and annuities.

David Barklow


David brings 3 decades of sales and operational experience to SWA via his work with such clients as J.P Morgan Chase, First Data Corp, Merrill Lynch and American Express as well as numerous smaller clients in the United States and Germany. His role at SWA includes client interface and operational responsibilities, as well as working closely with the SWA team in the ongoing improvement of the SWA process and client experience.  He lives in Chicago, IL.


Charlie Robb

Director of Marketing

Charlie Robb has been SWA’s Director of Marketing since 2007. He oversees the day-to-day corporate communications and advertising for the company and is responsible for building the Sheridan Wealth Advisors brand. Before joining SWA, Charlie was a principal at Smith and Robb Advertising in Fort Lauderdale.
Prior to that, he held creative and management positions at several of the world’s largest advertising agencies, including BBDO and Foote Cone & Belding. Charlie has won numerous national and international advertising industry awards.
He is also the author of a book about one of his billboard campaigns. “God Speaks” was published by Random House in 2000 and sold 50,000 copies the first year. He has a BS in Journalism from Northern Illinois University and a MS in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

David Connelly

Manager, Digital Marketing

David Connelly is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in communications and studied Lean Six Sigma management.  He has been in the insurance and financial industry for over 10 years, specializing in high level reviews, analysis, and sales.  He joined the SWA team in 2018 team and is a valuable member who performs a variety of critical functions, including Digital Marketing Management, Analysis in case design and the creation of Forensic Reviews, helping to build long term financial plans for clients.

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